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  • Badawi

    Have you ever wanted to pull an "Into the Wild" and bail on society?

    Perhaps you kind of did already by coming to China?


    I get the urge sometimes to say "Screw this crap... society sucks." And not just Chinese society (which sucks loads)... but all society and go live on an island somewhere or with like a isolated community in the movie "The Beach". Not for ever... but for a few years would be nice. Just too many things to worry about in society... would be nice to just worry about fishing on a nice tropical island wouldn't it?

    3 years agoin Lifestyle-Nanjing
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  • adam1991

    I always had that idea floating in my mind, since teenage. The great escape... It isn't so much about "society sucks" : I enjoy human contact, I love my old friends, a good conversation... However, from my own perspective, I find the way most people live senseless (long topic in itself). I wish to live in a society that would work in a way that make sense to me, but I came to the conclusion that such a community does not exist. Building such a community would suck all my life, which is also senseless : spending my life to create conditions to at last enjoy my life when I'm close to become rotten meat ? So I compromise and play the game everybody plays. If you are an eccentric, you can cry about it and lament all your life, or just deal with it.

    Venturing in Asia was kinda a way to escape this : yeah, right ^^ But slowly, as my professional situation gives me increasing freedom, I have to compromise less and less : I'm about to work mostly from home, and home can be wherever there's an Internet connection. Eventually, it will become a home in a nice patch of countryside. I will leave in it once in a while to visit my clients. My wife shares that vision, so that helps. I think it's not that hard to "escape", without going full-Neanderthal.

    3 years ago

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