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  • Robk

    China Daily Opinion regarding Ferguson: Do they have a point?

    I have been following events in Ferguson over the past few days.


    Today I read the opinion from China Daily.



    I personally think the author of the opinion has a point.  In particular, the last paragraph, and I quote:


    "Each country has its own national conditions that might lead to different social problems. Obviously, what the United States needs to do is to concentrate on solving its own problems rather than always pointing fingers at others."


    What do you all think?

    4 years agoin General-Nanjing
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  • Lily123

    I notice that most of my fellow-Americans on this forum get super defensive and start attacking China every time someone mentions a deficiency, problem, or mistake, with our beloved U.S. guv. Why can't we just admit the author of the China Daily article has made valid arguments? What is wrong with China has little to do with what is wrong with our own country so stop bashing China because America has a horrible justice system that is biased towards the white and the wealthy (Yes, I know China's is worse, but that is not the topic)

    BTW... do you remember when SENATOR Obama was running for the White House job, he promised us all that the perps behind the mortage fraud and 2008 financial collapse would be hunted down and jailed? Not one of those multi-millionaire bankers was arrested, prosecuted nor jailed, and one of them was brought into the first Obama cabinet! All of them were allowed to keep their HUGE slaries and pensions as well. So, when there is a bad example at the top of our government, nobody at the U.S. justice department is going to give "anti-corruption prosecution" even 30 seconds of thought.

    4 years ago

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