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A humble, energetic, self-motivated, dynamic, dedicated and result oriented young man, who has the ability and willingness to learn quickly and adapt to new equipment. Can work under pressure with minimum supervision to meet deadlines; quickly apply acquired knowledge in problem solving and a good team player who can work with people from different backgrounds. I am an experienced and focused teacher who is committed to safeguarding and promoting the education and well-being of children and young people at all time. I always engage in continuous learning in order to broaden my knowledge and experience.

I currently hold a 160 hours, 120 hours and 40 hours Certificate in TEFL and I seek to join a growth focused oriented organization that will make use of my capabilities, competencies, education, experience and skills. I am an easy going person with a great passion for what I do. I really enjoy life in China and I am very pleased to put my expertise at the disposal of my students. I aspire to work hard and to ensure the optimum co-dependence of the institution.


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